The strategy for vocations over the past...well, forever, has been to assign an active confrere to the role of full time vocation director and see what happens. We've found out over the past 15 years-- not much has happened. Some suggest now we shouldn't be pursuing young people at all to join a dying province- it's not fair or just. Instead, we should direct any possible vocations to other provinces or congregations and put our resources to addressing corporate diminishment.

Every year since the Nygren/Ukeritis study in 1992 we talk about the need for new strategies because the "window of opportunity" is closing. Every year nothing changes. And now the window is closed (as the study predicted) but we still assign a full time active confrere in the role of director and don't want to talk reality because it sounds hopeless and negative.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on vocation recruitment? What do we need to do as a province to concretely address the issue considering our reality?

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