Suggested questions to ignite reflection and

discussion in your discernment

1.    According to the Regional Norms, the regional superior is to “promote the spirit of collaboration among local superiors and heads of the apostolates and confreres.” In doing so, he is to pay regular visits to the houses and the confreres. As the one tasked with building up the good order of the Region, promoting the development of our apostolates, and supporting the confreres, what personal qualities and administrative skills would you like to see in the next regional superior? 

2.    According to the Regional Norms, the regional superior is to “employ serious analysis of the local situation by engaging confreres in searching out apostolic realities that are appropriate for the Region and the Congregation.” The regional superior is charged with helping the confrere deepen their commitment to current Vincentian works and at the same time developing new apostolic initiative. What qualities and skills are needed for the regional superior to effectively lead the confreres in the ongoing development of their apostolic and missionary identity? 

3.    What qualities and skills will the next regional superior need to help the confreres successfully assume the challenges and opportunities of becoming a vice-province in the Congregation?

4.    Good leadership presupposes a healthy collaboration between leader and followers.  What are some of the skills of collaboration that you would like to see in our next leader? What are some of the patterns of collaboration that the rank-and-file members the region need to develop? Can you imagine the next regional superior and the members of the community entering into a “covenant of collaboration”? What would such a covenant look like? 

5.    As we discern the matter of the nomination of the new regional superior, what do you hear the Holy Spirit saying to the confreres?